thank you, idaho

Dear Idaho,

Here in the Gem State, we try to enjoy ourselves. After almost three years, only this summer have I begun to love what you have to offer. If you asked me in February, I would probably bemoan the sub-zero temperatures and your months of gray skies; I might even cry (i mean, can't the sun shine a few times between December and April?). But today, I'm feeling the love. Summer in Idaho Falls is a beautiful thing. These are a few reasons:

"I picked these yesterday"
-cute farmer boy at market
, looked about 15ish

  • Easy-to-find yummy local produce
  • Rarely gets above ninety
  • Easy camping
  • My garden = amazingly prolific
  • Hikes within a 20 minute drive
  • Greenbelt - a stone's throw from home
  • Walking to the farmer's market
  • Daytrips to Teton or Yellowstone = F-U-N
  • The drive to pick up our CSA vegs is incredible
  • This old house and the work we are doing with our own hands this summer (watch for pictures!)

beautiful, shiny zuke fresh from the garden!

So, thank you Idaho for your abundance. We've always known that we won't be here forever, but we're enjoying your spoils while we can.

And thanks for our kitty; we love her.

. . . and a job I love, my paychecks, and grad school tuition.
You're the best. XO

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