even I can change

Three facts you should know:
  • Last October, I was asked/called to teach the music in primary at church.
  • I was not at all pleased with this opportunity to learn and grow.
  • I have hated Halloween as long as I can remember, and I strive to avoid the trappings of the holiday as much as I possibly can.

I love kids, but I love them best in groups of one, so being the primary chorister was not something I ever aspired to. But those little monsters have weaseled their way into my cold, cold heart. And it didn't even take a full year. Their high, sweet, often dissonant voices have melted my resolve. I couldn't wait to see them dressed up as green beans, puppies, pastries, and firemen.

Which is why I went to the trunk or treat this year.

But I still did not dress up. Because there is no such thing as mandatory fun.


dinner conversation

Emily (6): Why do you have so much kid stuff if you've don't have some kids?
Clark: Well, we have it all in our house so that when our kids come it will be ready for them.
Emily: You never had any kids?!
Clark: No, not yet. But we will.
Emily: Is your wife prengat?
Clark: No, she's not.
Emily: Does she feel like she thinks she's maybe prengat?
Clark: No, not yet.
David (5): Maybe if you add some toys kids would come.
Emily: If you did have kids, they would make a mess.

According to these two sages, with some more toys and a carpet cleaner we'll be ready for parenthood. Who knew it could be so simple?