this one's for haley

Clark was helping the scouts by delivering flyers about the upcoming food drive. Here's what happened:

Clark: Hi. We're helping the local food bank and we'll be back in a week to pick up non-perishable food. If you have anything you want to donate, just leave it by your door.

Lady: Well, this is low-income housing, so I'll probably be getting your food.

Door closes.
End of story.


  1. I don't know if I should laugh or cry! As you know, Justin is a counselor and many of his clients are on public assistance. After taking a day off (to get sealed to our baby), a client got mad that he dare cancel an appointment and said she would refuse to pay him. She got pretty upset when he pointed out that she doesn't pay for any of her treatment anyway - Medicaid (and therefore his very own taxes) pays his wages.

    Another time a client was complaining about a bad knee. She turned to three counselors and said "I need surgery, so keep working." It infuriated him and he had a hard time holding back a tongue lashing. She obviously knew where her living expenses were coming from, but obviously she didn't respect it!

  2. I just thought it was ironic. She has a point, though; she's probably unable to help or, at least, perceives that she is. Most charitable giving comes from middle class families and individuals who have some form of higher education. The decrease in corporate giving and good citizenship is more disturbing than this woman's unwillingness/inability to help.

  3. Haha. Thank you for stepping into my world for a moment.