If your name is Nashina . . .

Every day I pass by a flower shop on my drive home. For the past six months they've been running a cheap campaign; on the letterboard out front is an advertisement for a free rose . . . if your name is so obscure your mom can't even spell it. Last week's was my favorite:

If your name is Nashina stop in for a free rose.


This week, all you Delaneys are in luck. Go get your free rose at the corner of Broadway and Memorial.


  1. Don't you love that when they give out free flowers for people who probably would never have that name. Pretty funny.

  2. that makes me so happy! there is actually a delaney in ck's class- i'll have to send her up for a visit.

  3. I know a Delaney. I ought to let her know. I saw that shop all the time when I worked on Broadway. They never had "Lara." They had "Laura" once and I was tempted to see how strict they were, but I didn't end up trying.

  4. I know a Nashina in IF, so I hope she got her free rose!

    PS I got your blog address from goodreads. I guess you're "following" me. It looks like Marci Dimmick is our mutual friend.