three things thursday - anniversary edition

July 28, 2005

Yesterday was our Anniversary. But we're not celebrating officially until I finish up my last paper for my summer class (which I hope, rather than believe, will be by tomorrow evening). It was a special day nonetheless. We woke a little bit early and did a few chores together, went to work, visited our patch of garden and shared a bagel at lunch, worked on a project together, ate leftovers for dinner, and watched the end of a movie we started a few days ago. Clark brought me flowers.

I like the idea of celebrating the day by doing normal things together; the fact that it was our anniversary made me more aware of how grateful I am to have Clark's companionship in day-to-day tasks. During our engagement we confidently concluded that we could "do life together." And we have. Though the confidence part ebbs and flows, the togetherness has made my life sweeter and more doable. It sounds a little ridiculous, but many of the positive aspects of my marriage came as a surprise to me. I can't articulate what I expected from marriage, but I can convey that I'm often surprised by joy.

For Clark's birthday in May I kept a journal. Every day for the month before his birthday I wrote down a few paragraphs about the things he had done that day that were meaningful to me and for which I was grateful. It was genuinely surprised at how much this activity changed my perspective and amplified my positive feelings. I was also astonished at all the service rendered and dismayed that it sometimes goes unnoticed. I absolutely recommend journaling your gratitude as a way to strengthen any relationship of your choosing.

Those who know Clark know that there is are so many things to love about him. Three things I love about Clark are

1) He has no pretense. I'm convinced he is incapable of it.
2) He is quick to apologize . . . and utterly a better person than me, especially in this way.
3) He makes me laugh and helps me take my life less seriously (it's only life, after all).

Your turn. If you feel so inclined, write something you love about this guy in the comments.


  1. I have to agree that marriage is full of sweet little surprises and "benefits" you never quite knew about. So lovely. I LOVE the idea of a gratitude journal. That is probably the awesomest idea ever.

    Some special things I can name about J.Clark are that he's always willing to help and/or conspire (conspiracies are a lot more fun). He makes time for what is important - like his personal projects and creative stuff. He is just a geyser of creativity. I can always go to him and be inspired. And finally, I am always impressed at how he speaks about his wife. He can never say "my wife" or "Lindsey." There is always some gushy adjective like "my adorable Lindsey" or "my cutie wife." He does nothing but gush about his wife and life together and it's helped me be more gushing and vocal and appreciative about husband.

  2. Okay...
    J. Clark-
    1. He drinks Sin Juice with me at Girls Camp.
    2. He makes me laugh my head off.
    3. He doesn't often win at Bananagrams.
    4. He understands my need to treat my cats as humans.
    5. He makes me laugh my head off. (again.)

    And now...about Linds.
    1. She leaves me cute notes on white boards at camp.
    2. She makes me feel like we are normal.
    3. She makes me want to be a generally better person and try new things.
    4. She makes great bread.
    5. She gives some competition to my boy when we play the banana game. :)

    Love you both-Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Girls - Thanks so much for playing. You are so great and I'm glad we're friends!

  4. I like Clark for a myriad of reasons. One being that he is always concerned and caring. He his quite the empathetic human. Just love him! I asked CK and she said, "because uncle Clark is FUN and I love him".