dinner conversation

Emily (6): Why do you have so much kid stuff if you've don't have some kids?
Clark: Well, we have it all in our house so that when our kids come it will be ready for them.
Emily: You never had any kids?!
Clark: No, not yet. But we will.
Emily: Is your wife prengat?
Clark: No, she's not.
Emily: Does she feel like she thinks she's maybe prengat?
Clark: No, not yet.
David (5): Maybe if you add some toys kids would come.
Emily: If you did have kids, they would make a mess.

According to these two sages, with some more toys and a carpet cleaner we'll be ready for parenthood. Who knew it could be so simple?


  1. Dang. Wish I knew that, like, three years ago. ;)

  2. Too funny. I love the way kids reason through things. I guess you could always adding some more toys, etc. and see what happens.:)

  3. i can't stop laughing. so dang hilarious!

  4. Shoot! I just knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks Linds.