poco a poco

There's good news and bad news.

Good: I got a raise and a promotion! My new position, as of the first of July, is Academic Support Coordinator (yes, it sounds slightly inflated). I am really excited to have more opportunity to help students succeed in college. Another benefit is that my new responsibilities are slightly more in line with my MPA degree. I also get my own office: no window, but my very own space nonetheless.

ESL students receiving awards
at the Adult Learning Center, April 2009

Bad: I don't teach English anymore. For the past two years, teaching my adult ESL students has been an indescribable experience. Many of them are so eager to learn that they attend class four nights a week so that they can expedite their language acquisition and have a better chance to provide for their families. I have been overwhelmed, at times, with the idea that I was their primary source of knowledge about the English-speaking world. In my anxiety, and perhaps because of it, teaching and interacting with my wonderful students has given me a fresh take on community, love, culture, communication, determination, and the meaning of acheivement. If you want to teach ESL, there is a place in your community to do so (generally volunteer positions - every community has a need); I highly recommend the experience.

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  1. You are adorable Linds! I am really happy that you are my first comment. For starting your first blog you appear to be at ease, and it looks great. Thanks for your words of support. I welcome your input and thoughts.