the old-fashioned way

The last time I rode my bike as a mode of transportation, I was wearing a skirt and sweating grotesquely under the Albuquerque sun (see missionary). As of today, this is no longer true.

I like to exercise, and the truth is, I love going to the gym. I can sweat while I read or watch the news if I want to. However, on a list of things to accomplish, Clark puts exercising in a gym right under making skorts to wear and before reading Full House fan fiction. Weighing the options, I'd rather spend time with Clark. So, we're learning to exercise together the old-fashioned way. We got my bike spruced up, dusted off Clark's nearly-new bike, and were off.

Tonight we rode our bikes out to Reed's dairy for our weekly family night. This was our longest outing so far (5.5ish miles): a nice distance, but not long enough to compensate for the ice cream we ate at the dairy. Oh, well; that wasn't really the point, after all.

Me at the dairy. hi, sheep.

Clark sporting his safety-first helmet by the falls.

Other non-gym related efforts include walking, gardening, yard work, tennis, and occasionally, jogging. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'd have to say I am more like Clark in my desire to exercise. We remember that Ice Cream place. Yum! I am glad that you have found some good ways to exercise together.