to boldly go

On a whim, we went to see Star Trek last night. I had free tickets from my birthday that I had been saving for . . . I don't know what. I really liked the movie. I do enjoy Star Trek, but I'm glad this one was more accessible and not too Star Trekkie, if you know what I mean. Our spontaneous date was great, but two things came up while at the movie that consistently bug me.

1. Being a target market. Do you ever sit through previews and wonder, "What market research concludes that I would be interested in (movie title with ridiculous preview) just because I am watching (feature presentation)?" I wonder this all the time.

2. Having grammar brain. I wish that sometimes I could turn of the part of my brain that recognizes every split infinitive, which, by the way, is fine if it serves a specific purpose; I just wish I didn't have to notice. I guess it's an occupational hazard.


  1. I'm a bit of a grammer snob. Not totally - I make mistakes all the time but I usually notice them as soon as I do and I flog myself mentally. Bad grammer was always a big turnoff when I was dating. Luckily Justin has good grammar which is surprising because the rest of his family (largely uneducated, so I guess they come by it honestly) speak so poorly..."we was" and "I seen that"...DRIVES ME NUTS! Drives Justin nuts too. It's a total pet peeve. I have a hard time with popular radio songs (especially country) because they'll slaughter grammar for a rhyme or rhythm.

  2. So I just read up on the split-infinitive thing, and apparently it is going the way of all things French when it comes to Americans. While I like my frites as much as anybody, they gotta leave us alone with this grammar nonsense.

    We saw Star Trek, too. It comes with marrying a geek, I guess. I thought of you and your secret love of all that is Trek. :)