to be, or what to be?

When they asked me what I wanted to be I said I didn’t know.
"Oh, sure you know," the photographer said.
"She wants," said Jay Cee wittily, "to be everything."
-Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

I'm coming up on graduation next summer. The process has been extraordinarily short compared with the undergrad experience (5 years! not to mention the two year break for a mission); I feel like I just got started. When it comes up in conversation that I am in school, most people ask what I want to be. I usually just say "educated," in order to avoid the subject.

Really, I want to be everything.


  1. Good for you. I really believe if anyone can be EVERYTHING, that anyone is you!!! Congrats!

  2. both answers are good ones. Why not go to be educated, and we all want to do and know how to do more than one thing in life. Good luck this last year in school enjoy every moment because when life gets busy you'll soon fine yourself done with school.

  3. I think that you can be anything and everything! Go for it!