butterfly in the sky

Today Reading Rainbow made its final broadcast. This fact has made me a bit wistful . . . and a bit riled.

What's next, Sesame Street?

Some research-based policy decisions in the Department of Education concluded that TV isn't an effective tool in teaching children how to read.

Really? Are you shocked?

But Reading Rainbow never focused on phonics and phonemes; its focus was more affective - encouraging kids to read because reading is fun and makes life limitless. The kids who know this already are the kids whose parents are likely to donate to PBS, and its a truth that may now be kept a secret from kids whose parents use the television as a babysitter - because they sure won't be able to watch Reading Rainbow.

". . . but you don't have to take my word for it."

Anyway, on a more personal note, my favorite episode of RR is called "How much is a million?" The featured book taught ways to conceptualize huge numbers. LeVar and his friends visit a crayon factory and show the process by which crayons are made - I wanted one of every single color of those millions of crayons so I could draw billions of pictures. Do you remember a fave episode?


  1. I don't remember a favorite, episode, but I sing along to the theme song whenever I hear it in one of the schools I work in. Thank goodness for VHS and DVD to keep this great show alive!

  2. i didn't even realize they were still making new episodes? i though they were syndication only. anyway, i never really watched this show growing up, but i do know the song!

  3. It is crazy - it's the 3rd longest running PBS show, outlasted only by Mr. Rogers and Sesame St. It's been on the air for 26 years.

  4. I loved Reading Rainbow! I remember watching it in school. I can't really remember a favorite episode though. The song always brings back fond memories.