stuff that makes me laugh

1. If you've never perused the Wait, Wait blog, you're missing out. My favorite series is sandwich Mondays. The Wait, Wait team eats some disgusting edible food-like substance and blogs about the experience as it unfolds. Here is a snippet from yesterday's entry:

Not content to let other nationwide chains be the only ones to commit murder-by-sandwich, last week Denny's unveiled its Fried Cheese Melt. That's a grilled cheese with four deep-fried mozzarella sticks on it. Peter, Mike and I headed out to Oak Park, Ill., to give it a try.

Mike: This obviates the need for that awkward question, "Have you decided on an appetizer?"

Peter: Yeah, it's like, "Yes, I'll have the fried mozzarella sticks, and I'll have them encased in bread."

2. Sometimes Linda Holmes is a comic genius. And David Hasselhoff is "the poster boy for public ambivalence." You might enjoy this if you have any feelings about Dancing with the Stars, knowledge of 1980s stars and music, or a passing interest in politics.


  1. Well, Lindsay, first of all, I am glad you are a real person and not a spammer! Second, after reading your comment on my blog, I came here and it turns out that I really like yours. It bodes well that your most recent post is about Wait Wait, which I adore.

    How did you end up on my blog? Just looking around yours, I see a few ways that we could be connected in the blogosphere.

    I have seen some of Mark Bittman's stuff around but haven't gotten to it yet. I really do love Michael Pollan and was planning on reading In Defense of Food next, but I will also bump Bittman up on my list! Have you read anything else by either of them?

  2. Miri, I just sent you an e-mail, but I forgot to answer your last question!

    I read In Defense of Food and enjoyed it, but I haven't gotten to Pollan's earlier works yet. Mark Bittman has mostly written recipe books and writes a column at the NY Times. How to Cook Everything has changed the way I cook, and the vegetarian version is just as wonderful. I love his writing because he clearly takes joy in good, healthy food and makes it sound easy to DIY.