three things Thursday - Now with Olive Oil!!!

When it comes to what I put in my body, I tend to be a purist. Okay, I tend to be a purist about just about everything - and usually to a fault. I'm lucky that Clark is on board with most of it, though there was once (or thrice) a swearing incident over the extent to which I wanted  needed local eggs, not grocery store eggs, even in a pinch.

I feel like we have found a good food groove these days. I cook, I preserve things, I bake, and I read labels. (And by "I" I mean we. Husband is game for all of these things. Even if his efforts are slightly less enthusiastic, they are still enthusiastic.) While I know there is still a lot to learn, I basically feel like I have a good routine that just needs adjusting according to the seasons.

Now I'm on to a companion project. Since I came across this, this, and this, I've been on a mission to rid our home of synthetic chemicals. My current plan of attack involves hygienic uses of kitchen staples. Which brings me to three uses of everyone's favorite culinary wonder: olive oil. If you want to try these, you will probably want to get a dedicated bottle for the bathroom. And if you come to visit, you'll now know why I have a bottle of olive oil in the shower.

1. Shaving aid. It is the closest shave I've ever had, and there's no need for lotion afterward. All excess oil just goes down the drain. I haven't so much tried shaving the old armpits with the aid of olive oil, but if any of you intrepid souls give it a try, let me know how it goes.

2. Hair conditioner. I've been experimenting with a lot of different haircare combos. I use olive oil as conditioner every couple of days. Just a dab, rubbed on my palms, massaged into the ends of my hair, and rinsed. For fine hair, I imagine a lighter oil (grape seed, maybe) would do quite well.

3. Face Wash. About two months ago I started washing my face with olive oil.

"Wash with oil?" you ask.

Yes, indeed. Turns out good oils don't clog pores as marketing campaigns have led us all to believe.

Sometimes I use straight olive, other times I use an oil mixture (olive, castor, and essential oil(s)). My face feels great, my skin tone is more even, I have fewer breakouts, and I don't have to use moisturizer - a nice unintended consequence, since most moisturizers are full of synthetic chemicals and fillers.

Many hygiene products create a need for another. If you ask me, this is a major design flaw. In the case of skin care, face wash creates a need for moisturizer - dry out your skin with synthetic chemicals, then replenish it with more synthetic chemicals that need to be washed off. Granted the synthetics are not always the main ingredients, but they are generally the "active ingredients" that are actively stripping your skin of its ability to maintain itself. It's a nice cycle for the profiteers, but not so much for your wallet or your skin.

Olive oil also works really well as eye-makeup remover. And those tiny late-twenties wrinkles I was getting? Gone.

So maybe now you're thinking, "That's nice, Linds. Sounds like your crazy habits might be getting a little expensive." If you were thinking that, maybe it's time to ask yourself why you are being such a pill. And then consider the cost of the following products that you may use on a frequent basis that you wouldn't need anymore if you switch to using olive oil (aka liquid gold): conditioner, face wash, astringent, shaving gel, eye makeup remover, and face and body lotions. One 16 oz bottle of olive oil will probably last you more than a month and costs maybe four dollars. Cha-ching!$!

I'd like to expand my repertoire of uses, so let me know if you have had any escapades with olive oil.

This ad paid for by the Tuscany Institute of Olive Oil Awareness.


  1. I am really curious about trying this specifically for shaving and washing my face. Where do you get yours? Will grocery store stuff work?

  2. I'm very intrigued... I just might give a few of these ideas a try.

  3. Lara, I just use the store brand. I should have mentioned that I'm not wearing much makeup these days - just mineral powder on my face. I don't know if that will make a difference in how effective the oil method is. Good luck - I can't wait to see if you like it.

  4. i like the leg shaving idea, also heard it with baby oil.
    one question though: what about sunscreen? I'm a pretty minimal skin care gal, but i always wear sunscreen! are you just always wearing hats?

  5. i'm so down with trying olive oil for makeup remover esp. with your comment about twenty-something wrinkles disappearing. i'm all over it:)

  6. Sara- sunscreen kind of freaks me out too. There are two kinds, one designed to absorb into the skin and one that acts as a barrier and can be washed off. I use the second kind - a mineral sunblock -when I use any at all. I find I need the vitamin D, so I go without when I won't be outside for more than 45 minutes.

  7. I'm really excited to try this! I wear very little makeup because I can't stand all the synthetic chemicals, and I have always wondered how women get really close shaves because even using expensive razors, I can never manage it. I will idolize you forever if this works for me!

  8. Hi Linds!

    I know you posted this forever ago but I don't have internet access since I quit work to stay home with my kids. I just got around to reading this. I love olive oil. My son had cradle cap and I kept trying all kinds of things to moisturize his dry scalp and nothing worked. Finally I rubbed his head with olive oil and had him sleep with a baby beanie and we haven't had a problem since. I only had to do it once. I've started using it on my scalp as well because I get dry in the winter. It works well and I'm so excited that I've found something that will finally work. Great post!

    Love ya!!!