. . . in other news

  • Back in August, I finished my last class for my MPA!
  • Which means I should be preparing for my comprehensive finals (in 6 weeks, and counting).
  • But I haven't been preparing because No Classes = reading whatever I'm in the mood for. So far that hasn't included administrative law, admin ethics, or public budgeting. But it must. and soon.
  • I will be teaching a short grammar course for the students in the legal assisting program late this semester. Prepping and developing the material is so. much. work. Thank you, Ms. Evans, for making me diagram hundreds of sentences and preparing so thoroughly for every class. I know it didn't seem like it, but I was paying attention. sort of.
  • Tomorrow I start training to work as a volunteer coder for the Womanstats project. I'm excited to put my education to work for this cause.
  • If the local food co-op administrators can find some grant sources, I will be helping to write a grant (or more) so it can move to a larger space and install a commercial kitchen. There have been a few hangups, but I'm optimistic that it will happen.
  • The Pocatello planning department is going to let me work on three projects as an intern, pending approval from the city council. Turns out people will let you do cool stuff if you're willing -or compelled- to work for free. I'll be working under one of my instructors who is also the head planner in Pokie. I like his perspective on the relationship between citizenship, cities, and the nature of democracy, and I'm looking forward to learning from him.
  • Last but not least, Clark won tickets to a Tom Petty concert of his choosing for the remainder of the tour. Two words: road. trip.


  1. Dang, you are a busy woman. Congratulations on your MPA! It looks like you are being able to put your degree to use quickly... What are your post graduation plans? Moving east perhaps..!??! YOu know you want to!

  2. Hmm, Does your "road trip" include California because we'd love to see you guys, Hint Hint. Wow, you are super busy. BTW Did you ever finish your "dating" stories. I was all into that saga. :)

  3. Care - Thanks!

    Em - You know I would move east any day, but it probably won't be any day soon.

    Amy - actually, the concert is in California. The details are up in the air right now, but we'll get them ironed out and see if Bakersfield is doable. We would love to see you and meet little Emma!

  4. Of course I remember you from Snow! Those late night biology study groups are not something one easily forgets! So glad you commented so I could find your blog. You are a fascinating writer.