kudos to clark

Clark was recently recognized at his company for his mad skillz. By editing video for it's upcoming convention, Clark saved the company "tens of thousands of dollars" as announced at a pre-convention meeting. He got a Home Depot gift card out of the deal - 25 whole dollars - a sweet kickback from those tens of thousands in savings (?!).

At least he didn't have to attend convention this year. in Florida. in August. without me. We can console ourselves by thinking of Clark's awesomeness . . . and by building a fence, deck screws compliments of Home Depot.


  1. good job, clark!

    bad job, worky!!!

  2. I'm still hoping to hire Clark to edit my (hypothetical) wedding video. So don't venture out of my reach, okay?

  3. Wow they really went out on a limb for him there. Don't ever announce that you saved the company tens of thousands of dollars and then give a $25 gift card...sheesh that's embarrassing.